Business Plan Advice

The most important Advice for your Business Plan

We give you the most important advice for creating your business plan and show you what you should pay attention to and what you should avoid. In this way, you will not make any mistakes.
The most important Advice for your Business Plan
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Advice for the successful Design of your Business Plan

The following tips are guiding principles for the successful design of your business plan.
We recommend that start-ups begin with a basic business plan and then continuously improve it.
Companies in the founding phase
If a company is about to be founded or is in the middle of being founded, there is often a great deal of uncertainty about potential customers, competitors, or the company's own strengths. Detailed information or even experience is rare.

In this stage you should refrain from extensive detailed planning. What is important are basic analyses - of the market, for example - and basic strategic and operational planning, which you can extend later.
Companies with operational activities
During your operational activities and through contacts with customers, suppliers, and competitors, you gather valuable experience and information.

The basic business plan should now be revised and refined. The result is a more realistic business plan that favours your growth.
Realistic planning
Do not try to plan in isolation first and try to implement this plan strictly afterwards!

Planning and operational activities should always go hand in hand. Only then will your valuable experience and information flow into a realistic and updated plan.
Further advice:
  • Impress with facts about the target market
  • Show that you are a passionate founder
  • Present your skills
  • Convince with coherent figures
  • Use a business plan template
  • Address possible points of criticism
  • Put yourself in the reader's or addressee's shoes when writing your business plan
  • Work out credible and reliable performance indicators
  • Draw up financial projections for different scenarios
  • Show that your company is unique
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This is what you should keep in mind when preparing the
business plan

When creating a business plan, it is important to make sure that you do not make any big mistakes. We will show you what to avoid and what to watch out for when creating your business plan.
Realistic capital requirements
Estimate your capital requirements correctly. Good financial planning is essential for this. Calculate your expenses and income correctly.
Passion alone for a business idea is not enough in most cases. Therefore, make sure that you have experts in finance, marketing, and technical subjects with the appropriate qualifications on your team.
Business incorporation
Set up your company in a structured way and make sure you do not forget anything. This will prevent delays. We recommend that you start your business with STARTUPS.CH.
Form and structure
Avoid formal errors in your business plan and make sure that it is structured. It is best to use a business plan template.
Executive Summary
After you have written your business plan, you need to write a high-quality executive summary. This should be done at the end and placed on the first page of your business plan. In addition to that, it should be well written: if the reader does not like it, he/she will not read any further.
Time management
Avoid poor time management and take your time to do detailed analyses and intensive research. These will pay off for you later.
Target group
Define the right target group for your business plan. Think carefully about who the reader of the business plan is and put yourself in his/her shoes. This will help you set the right priorities.
Unique selling proposition
Emphasise the unique selling proposition of your business idea. In this way, the reader and potential investors will also appreciate the special features.
Your business plan should include detailed assessments and analyses of the market and competitors. This will enable you to plan and implement adapted marketing measures right from the start.
In your business plan, it is essential that you also discuss the weaknesses of your business idea and point out possible solutions. A successful business always knows its own weaknesses.